Our latest release and first collaboration beer: WeZen, The Juice

Our brewer, Steve Shaw, explains how our latest beer release came about.

“WeZen The Juice” was named because of the meaning of Zen, which is “living in the present and experiencing reality fully.”

The name came about because We as Sean Willingham, Austin Smith and I are living in the present and experiencing reality fully — fulfilling our dreams of being able to do what we truly love: brewing beer for a living. The three of us are great friends, brought together by our desire to brew beer.

Sean was the first person I hired to work with me as a brewer. I hired Sean for two reasons; he was willing to work for free and he had a great selection of music on his iPod. Instantly a great friendship was born. Sean and I worked together for three years when, one day, Austin walked into the brewery and offered to work for free, too. He also had great taste in music, so that started the relationship between the three of us.

Shortly after Austin started, Sean went one to work with his team to build and open Municipal Brew Works in Hamilton. Then Austin and I came to Wiedemann together to build the new brewery with Jon and Betsy Newberry.

It’s been close to three years since all of us brewed together. We talked for many months about working on our first collaboration. We decided to brew a New England Style IPA because it’s a beer none of us had ever brewed before and we wanted to step away from our comfort zone a little.

So, WeZen The Juice, was born. I hope you enjoy the beer as much as we enjoyed being back together in the brewery again.

Meet The Brewer: Austin Smith

Meet The Brewer

Austin is the Assistant Brewer here at Wiedemann’s Brewery & Taproom. We had him answer a few questions so you all can get to know him better.

Where are you from?

“I was born here in Cincinnati and grew up in a small suburb of Cincinnati called Maineville, near King’s Island.”

What got you into brewing?

“Like most people in the industry, I enjoyed drinking craft beer and then got into homebrewing. I am lucky enough to have turned one of my hobbies into a career.”

What is a typical day in the brewery like for you?

“A typical day in the brewery consists of mostly cleaning. Clean equipment is one of the most important aspects of a brewery.”

What is a goal you have for yourself to accomplish in the next year?

“I hope to continue expanding my knowledge of brewing. I also plan to continue to grow the Wiedemann brand with everyone here at the brewery.”

What are you happiest doing (when not working)?

“When I’m not working I enjoy homebrewing with my brother and spending time with my girlfriend Taylor and my two dogs Rudy and Cooper.”

BREAKING NEWS: Wiedemann Brewery Grand Opening June 26, 2018

ST. BERNARD, OH—The Wiedemann Brewery is back after a 35 year hiatus! The Geo. Wiedemann Brewing Co. is proud to announce the grand opening of it’s taproom June 26, 2018 at 4pm in historic downtown St. Bernard.

Wiedemann’s Fine Beer is the Cincinnati area’s longest-running beer brand, having been an integral part of the city’s storied German beer culture for almost 150 years. It’s now back under local ownership and management for the first time since 1967. The original Wiedemann Brewery complex in Newport was shuttered in 1983 by out of town owners.

Wiedemann’s new home in St. Bernard will join other recent additions to the Village’s bustling city center, including JuJu Beans Coffee & Friends, Woodstone Creek Artisan Wine & Distillery, AY Design Art on Vine, Streetpops Dessert Shop, Atmosphere Salon & Lounge, 3D Color Inc, Blue Pearl and the St. Bernard Public Library.

Wiedemann’s free-wheeling brewers Steve Shaw and Austin Smith are creating innovative, tasty and refreshing beers that aren’t limited by strict adherence to industry style guidelines. Whatever your preference in beer styles, you’ll find something – probably quite a few things – to like among their diverse and always changing lineup of lagers and ales.

In addition to world-class beers, the Wiedemann Brewery will feature a full kitchen with classic sandwiches, sausages and appetizers. Feast on a Wiediewurst, enjoy a Wiediedog, or sink your teeth into a juicy Brewhemian burger. We will be open for lunch, dinner and late night snacks.

“We hope Wiedemann can help bring back the fun and community spirit that has been a big part of Cincinnati’s neighborhood taverns and beer culture for so many decades.
We’re brewing some of the tastiest craft brews in town, and we welcome beer lovers of all ages to get together in friendly downtown St. Bernard.”
-Jon Newberry