Meet The Brewer: Austin Smith

Meet The Brewer

Austin is the Assistant Brewer here at Wiedemann’s Brewery & Taproom. We had him answer a few questions so you all can get to know him better.

Where are you from?

“I was born here in Cincinnati and grew up in a small suburb of Cincinnati called Maineville, near King’s Island.”

What got you into brewing?

“Like most people in the industry, I enjoyed drinking craft beer and then got into homebrewing. I am lucky enough to have turned one of my hobbies into a career.”

What is a typical day in the brewery like for you?

“A typical day in the brewery consists of mostly cleaning. Clean equipment is one of the most important aspects of a brewery.”

What is a goal you have for yourself to accomplish in the next year?

“I hope to continue expanding my knowledge of brewing. I also plan to continue to grow the Wiedemann brand with everyone here at the brewery.”

What are you happiest doing (when not working)?

“When I’m not working I enjoy homebrewing with my brother and spending time with my girlfriend Taylor and my two dogs Rudy and Cooper.”

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